Career Consultation for Therapists

Based in Somerville, MA, Available Throughout Massachusetts

Are you a therapist looking to make a career move?

Maybe you’ve been working in a setting that’s no longer serving you and are looking for something new (been there!). Maybe you are thinking about finally getting out of agency work or leaving a group practice that feels like it’s taking advantage of you or assigning clients outside of your area of expertise. Maybe you’re even thinking about starting your own practice. 

After nearly 10 years working in a public high school, I knew I needed a change. I realized that there was a community need for available therapists and I was ready for something that offered more flexibility, autonomy, and control. For me, the signs all pointed to private practice. That might be your path, too, and it might not be. Either way, I’m here to help you figure out what’s next! Let’s get you to a more fulfilling, less draining place in your professional career. 

  • You’re overworked, underpaid and too tapped out to be able to do your best work.
  • You’re thinking about making a career move but are unsure of what you actually want. 
  • You’re worried about leaving one toxic environment and ending up in another one. The devil you know, right? 
  • You feel overwhelmed by the thought of opening a practice and don’t know where to start.

I am absolutely passionate about helping other therapists find a place that enables them to build the life they want. I know it sounds daunting, but I promise it’s doable!

woman in pink blazer with glasses, career consultations for therapists, Massachusetts

What to expect in our work together?

  • A safe, supportive relationship built on trust. Just like with our clients, without trust, the work simply can’t happen. 
  • Non-judgment. All parts of you are welcome here and so are all parts of your journey. Did you screw something up? Okay, let’s figure out how to fix what we can and move forward. (We’ve all made mistakes, mistakes are part of being human. You know this for your clients, it’s time to apply it to you!)
  • Practical consultation. I am here to guide you through this process and to provide any resources that I can. We’ll talk about networking and asking the right questions if you’re seeking a different employment opportunity that isn’t private practice. For my private practice folks, we can (and will) talk about money, rate setting, client referrals, figuring out your ideal client, copywriting, listing sites, all the good stuff! You got this, I got you! 
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