Plus Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions

Market Rate


This base rate is for folks who are able to meet their basic needs comfortably along with a few expendable wants with this rate budgeted in.

This rate is also for those who have out-of-network insurance benefits and will be seeking reimbursements. 

Above Market Rate


These equity rates are for those who are able to pay a higher rate without experiencing hardship. These rates help provide lower rates for those who have fewer resources enabling them to access therapy at sustainable rates. 

Reduced Rate


This accessibility rate is for those with limited financial resources. We are hopeful that you will be able to access support without financial strain.

Pay What You Can

$120 and under

This range is for folks who are unable to access support with most therapists due to financial and societal barriers.

Why Don’t You Take Insurance?

The healthcare system in this country is one that perpetuates systemic injustice and oppression. It is rooted in power and privilege, largely through gatekeeping, and goes against the values I hold both professionally and personally. Many times, folks – especially those in marginalized groups – are pathologized and diagnosed as individuals when the primary, underlying issues are systemic. Insurance companies also mandate that a diagnosis be entered into your official medical record, and while this shouldn’t be problematic, it can be used unfairly to impact future health care coverage costs. By not engaging with this system, I aim to protect clients from further undue harm.  

That said, I also recognize that insurance can help make therapy accessible to many. While I don’t directly take insurance, superbills can be provided to those who have out of network insurance coverage (these are typically PPO plans). Please note, if you will be requesting superbills a diagnosis is required by insurance for reimbursement. 

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Reaching Wellness LLC has a reschedule-only policy. If a session needs to be missed, it must be rescheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance for the same week or the week immediately following based on mutual availability. Any sessions that are not able to be rescheduled will be charged in full. Sessions rescheduled within the 48 hour window will be subject to a $20 rescheduling fee. 

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