Couples Counseling in Somerville, MA

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Therapy for Couples

Relationships are hard! They take a lot of work and even when we try our best, sometimes things just stop working. Maybe you’ve changed, maybe your partner has, maybe you both have. Maybe you’re both in your own therapy (highly recommended!) and as you’re growing and healing individually, you’re finding that you’re also growing apart. 

I support couples through all phases of their relationships – the “what now?” The “where to?” The “is this it?” Whether you and partner are at a crossroads, at different points of self exploration or identity questioning (Am I bi? What’s the deal with ENM? I’m not sure about my gender identity.), we can get you talking, sharing, supporting, and exploring. Together. 

You might be finding that you and your partner are having fights about “stupid” things – the coffee isn’t strong enough, you didn’t help with the dishes, you folded my shirt wrong. When that happens, it’s almost always about something deeper and usually has roots in things like feeling unheard, unsupported, and unappreciated. It might be about you knowing deep down that you need or want something more or different, but you’re scared of what that means. Whatever it is, it’s not about the coffee, the dishes, or the laundry. 

lesbian couple, lgbtqia+ couples therapy, Somerville, MA

Let’s Help You Feel Heard and Validated

Together, we’ll help you identify what you really want out of your relationship and how to get there. Let’s get rid of the eggshells you’ve been walking on and help you feel more relaxed and less on edge. 

My goal is to support you in exploring your collective and individual wants and needs. By understanding what the goals are, we can better assess ways to move forward with respect, dignity, and more effective communication. 

How Couples Therapy Works

One of the biggest challenges to relationship work is that people often wait until things are at an absolute breaking point to ask for help. While it’s absolutely possible to get support at that point, therapy typically is more effective when it’s done earlier. When things are starting to feel off, or when there has been a significant transition, I encourage you to seek the support you need. Whether it’s with me or another provider, you don’t need to go through this alone. 

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